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| name:      milo/ghost/sharkcat   |
| age:       19                    |
| pronouns:  he/it                 |
| gender:    trans guy             |
| sexuality: aromantic asexual     |
| politics:  anarchist             |
| status:    a loser with too much |
|            time on its hands     |
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About the Website

I want this site to be my little corner of the internet (as we all do, c'mon this is neocities). I want to be able to structure my content the way that I want to and have little to no restrictions on what I put on here. I first created this site so that I could dabble around with web development but I also agreed with the general philosophy of the neocities community: make your own prescence on the internet, you don't have to rely on social media. So yeah social media is a disease and fucking sucks ass (looking at you elon (yes i still have a twitter(yes im addicted))) and its only purpose is to keep people on their site for as long as humanly possible through targeted content and algorithms because thats how they make a profit.

This site mainly contains writing (fanfiction, me ranting about my opinions on topics), projects I've done or am working on, and fan shrines for my interests.

This site has been through a couple iterations now and I like to think that they get better with each one as I learn what I enjoy for my site. With this current one I wanted to aim for more text-based (but not minimalist) so I can focus on the actual content. I also wanted to work on making a responsive site, and an accessible one.

humanoid cat with a witches hat